Into the Depths of ilait Services

Let us make a quick introduction to our concept and explain to you how you as a reseller can benefit from our services.

Learn more about becoming an ilait Reseller and apply today. We're looking forward working with you!

Control Panels & API

We offer our partners to manage and control their services through control panels and API. ilait Partner OS is our control panel designed to suit our partners' needs.

The idea with ilait Partner OS is to simplify the selling and administration process for our partners. Everything that concerns you as a partner is gathered in ilait Partner OS.

In ilait Partner OS you have a complete view over your customers, domains, services and other information that concerns your business.

The API is for those of you who wish to take the development further and completely fit our services and infrastructure for your needs.

For our partners we have also developed a white-label branded control panel for you to use towards your customers. The branded control panel allows your customers to see and manage services provided by you just like the ilait Partner OS, with the exception that it carries your FQDN and logotype.

ilait Partner OS

ilait Partner OS is the third generation control panel, designed as an operating system rather than as a traditional web application. As an ilait partner you're able to manage your customers, domains, and services all in one place. In the control panel your changes are immediately implemented and you can watch, for example, price changes in real time.

For guidance and help you'll find the wiki inspired Knowledge Base where we have gathered topic-specific articles to help you enhance your knowledge. In the Knowledge Base you easily browse eventual problems , read associated documents or send your support errand through support tickets.

Branded Control Panel

We have developed a control panel for your end customers that comes with your FQDN, logotype and dedicated IP address. As our partner you're free to offer your customers' a branded control panel where they can manage services provided by you.

The customer control panel is available in silver, gold and platinum branding levels. It's easy to configure and it's a great possibility for both you and your customer.

You'll save support time when your customers will be able to independently manage their specific services. You'll also have complete control over your customer's activities since they will only be able to manage their services and not to add, edit or delete domains.


We offer free access to our complete API allowing you to use our services on your own platforms. All services in the control panel are able to manage through API which gives you unique opportunities to develop and integrate your own system to ours, completely to your company's advantage.

Our API is self-documenting which means it's easy to understand if you want to develop the services to better match your business needs.

We have developed our API ourselves. It is built on the principles of Representational State Transfer (REST) and it is a so-called RESTful Web Service. The idea of a RESTful Web Service is to put data into resources (nouns) which are easily accessible and operated with standard HTTP methods (verbs) such as GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.

The API is ready to be used without further arrangements.