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Datasheet Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network, CDN, enhances the end-to-end data transfer by distributing the data on several nodes all over the world. When your customer wants to download a file, CDN delivers a copy of the requested file from the edge server closest to the customer.


Technically, CDN augments the file transfer since there are fewer steps of the transfer process between the server and the recipient. Our CDN also has a custom built web server, designed to distribute files as fast as possible.

CDN is an eligible option in the Hosted Storage service, which you as a partner can decide whether to use or not. The option is free of charge and you only pay for files that are exported outside the network.

Components and Features

Top 5 Reasons

Optimized capacity per customer
Real-time load and statistics graphs
Globally distributed data centers enhances the transfer speed
No charges for data transfer within the CDN network
Unlimited number of virtual host names/CNAMEs

Push Technology

We use Push Technology for data transfer within our CDN. When data is uploaded to the server, the data is immediately pushed out from the source as copies to our edge nodes.

This means that customers get immediate response when they need to download the data no matter where they are located.