Into the Depths of ilait Services

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Content Delivery Network

With our Content Delivery Network (CDN) service, you enhance the experience of your customers websites. Since CDN distribute data on several nodes in the network, time consuming page loading is no longer an issue.

Take the Distribution Closer to the End Customer

With CDN you can be sure to offer the best possible data access to the end customer who always accesses the geographically closest copy of the data.

We use Push Technology for data transfer within our CDN. When data is uploaded to the server, the data is immediately pushed out from the source as copies to our edge nodes.

This means that customers get immediate response when they need to download the data no matter where they are located.

Our aggressive pricing means no initial charges and no cancellation period. Your initial investment is zero and your revenue will start ticking from the first transferred GB.

Brand and sell market leading cloud services. Expand your portfolio no matter underlying technology. You own the customer, we never have any contact with the end customer.