Into the Depths of ilait Services

Let us make a quick introduction to our concept and explain to you how you as a reseller can benefit from our services.

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Dedicated Server

Through ilait, you can offer your customers their own dedicated servers. You are able to lease the server in many different models and configurations, along with the latest versions of software licenses from Microsoft, Citrix, Red Hat and other leading vendors.

The dedicated server is perfect to combine with other hosted services such as storage, backup and CDN for backing up and transfer data in a satisfying manner.

You Focus on the Customer

We take care of all technical details by providing cutting edge hardware to market leading prices, which allows you to tweak the dedicated server to completely fit your customer's needs. With a dedicated server you can for example develop your own virtual environment and add appropriate services such as web servers and more.

Great Terms no Risk

No investment, no initial charges or cancellation period for any of our server solutions means that there are no risks for you as a reseller. Your revenue will start ticking from the first day.

Brand and sell market leading cloud services. Expand your portfolio no matter underlying technology. You own the customer, we never have any contact with the end customer.