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Datasheet DNS Hosting

DNS, Domain name system, is one of the most important components on the Internet. Without DNS services for the domain, the registration is essentially useless for Internet services.

By translating the host name to an IP-address and the other way around, DNS finds the right server destination. You can say that DNS works as the “phonebook” on the Internet.

ilait is an ICANN and .SE (IIS) accredited registrar which means that we provide and manage several top level domains. We offer DNS hosting as a complementary service for domains registered through us or through other providers.

It's easy to administer you customers' domains in the ilait Partner OS. Each domain is logically presented among your services and there are simple tools to use for adding or changing domain information.

Components and Features

DNS Hosting Management

Available for several types of TLDs
Several Geographically Distributed Data Centers
Support for all Types of DNS Records
Easy-to-Use Web Interface through ilait Partner OS


DNS is only available to brand with the Platinum level. Included in the service are four name servers and two receiving e-mail servers (MX) with your server hostname convention.