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Datasheet Domain Names

ilait is an ICANN and .SE (IIS) accredited registrar, with the ability to register new domain names and transfer existing registered domains. Registered domains can be used with DNS Hosting for full control of your domain.

A domain name is an identification label on the Internet that is formed by the rules of the Domain Name System (DNS). DNS is the “phonebook” on the Internet, translating IP-addresses to host names and the other way around. Each time a user sends an email or goes to a web site, by entering a domain name, the user’s computer uses DNS to find the correct server destination.

Top level domains are handled by a registry for each domain name. Registration and administration of domains however, are handled by a domain name registrar such as ilait. Organizations can be registrars for one or several TLDs and the specifications differ depending on the TLD in question.

Components and Features

Domain Names Management

  • Register domains in a number of TLDs such as .COM, .SE, .NET, .NU and more for free
  • Transfer existing domains from other registrars for free
  • Secured WHOIS contact information
  • Lock/Unlock domains to prevent domain registration scams: Prevent anyone from making changes to your domain's vital ownership/administrative information. Domain locking prevents unauthorized or accidental transfers, and stops anyone from misdirecting your name servers.
  • Domain name masking/forwarding: Direct different WWW addresses to an existing site. When someone types your domain name into a browser, they will automatically be forwarded/redirected to whatever URL you choose. With masking, users don't see the underlying address; only what they type.
  • Status alert

List of Top Level Domains at ilait

We administer several Top Level Domains such as:

TLD Restrictions
.ag None
.asia You need at least one post address in one of the Asian countries
.biz It must only be used for business or commercial use
.bz None
.cn The country code TLD for China. Registration of the domain must be managed through a Chinese registrar that has been accepted by the Chinese government Commercially used sub level domain for .uk
.com None
.de Before registration you need to have a post box addressed in Germany
.eu The domain can only be used within countries that are members of the European Union
.info None
.hn None
.lc Registrations are made directly at second level, or at third level beneath several second-level names
.me None
.mn Individual registrants must be over 18 years old
.mobi Adherence to mobile-compatibility style guidelines can be enforced by challenge process
.name No prior restriction on registration, but registrations can be challenged by or on behalf of individual with name similar to that of domain, or fictional character in which the registrant has rights
.net None
.org None
.sc Priority given to Seychelles-based entities; varying restrictions for different third-level registrations
.se None
.tv None
.uk It is prohibited to register a domain name directly under the ccTLD .uk
.us U.S. nexus requirement can be enforced by challenge
.vc None


The Domain Name Service itself is not a brandable product, however services connected to your domain or to your customers' domains such as email, backup and SQL, are able to brand according to Silver, Gold or Premium Branding Levels.