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Hosted Backup

We offer our partners two backup solutions, Hosted Backup OBM and Hosted Backup ACB, from the market leading provider Ahsay.

The Hosted Backup OBM is suitable for backing up everything from one single server to your entire server farm. Hosted Backup OBM is available for Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac platforms.

Included in the service are storage space and a backup client with support for all commonly used email systems and databases. It also supports backing up open files with the help of Volume Shadow Copy in Windows.

The Hosted Backup ACB appeals to individual workstations, suits all kinds of customers and is available for both Mac and Windows.

Hosted Backup is a service flexible with your customers’ needs and it will create a steady revenue stream for you.

Reliable Backup Service

With Hosted Backup all stored data is continuously replicated to at least one other geographical location. An easy-to-use Hosted Backup GUI is supported where you can monitor the activity of the backup service.

Installation In Less than 5 Minutes

Within less than 5 minutes you’ll be able to create the account using the control panel, install the client software, adjust and initiate the first backup.

Once installed and adjusted, the intuitive backup client more or less takes care of itself.

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