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Datasheet Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013/2016, a messaging and collaborative server software suite developed and supported by Microsoft.

As a collaborative service, Exchange offers a rich experience by providing access to server-side contacts, calendaring, tasks, notes and e-mail. Microsoft Exchange has become the standard choice of enterprise e-mail solutions, Hosted Exchange combines the advanced features of the enterprise solution with the cost-effective standard version of Microsoft Exchange.

Hosted Exchange is available in three plans; Basic, Standard and Standard Plus. With Standard Plus you always get the latest versions of Outlook without extra cost.


  • The power of Exchange email, calendar, and contacts with built-in functionality to help protect against viruses and spam at no extra cost giving customers anywhere access to mailbox data across PCs, the Web and mobile devices
  • Delivers reliability, availability and performance with a guaranteed 99.99 % uptime according to SLA standards. SLA can also be upgraded if required.
  • Integrates with the same Microsoft Outlook and Office programs your customers know, ensuring a minimal learning curve

Components and Features

Comparison Table

Specifications Basic Standard Standard Plus
Complete Virus Protection
Spam Filter
Storage Quota 250 MB - 25 GB
Include Global Address List
Personal Folders
Address Book Reachable From Outlook Web Access
Share Calendars and Tasks
Mailbox Access through MAPI/RPC
ActiveSync and PushMail
iPhone & Android Support
Include License for the Latest Version of Microsoft Office Outlook or Microsoft Entourage for MAC

Hosted Exchange Key Features

  • Large mailboxes: Each user gets up to 25 GB of mailbox storage standard and the ability to send attachments up to 100 megabytes (MB)
  • Web-based access: For Web-client access, Outlook Web Access provides a premium browser-based experience that matches the look and feel of the full Outlook client
  • Mobility: Mobile access is available from all phones capable of receiving e-mail, including Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, Palm, Nokia, and Blackberry devices
  • Shared calendar and contacts: Customers can compare calendars to schedule meetings with Hosted Exchange and have access to collaboration features like shared calendars, groups, global address list, external contacts, tasks, conference rooms, and delegation

Delivering Powerful and Familiar Capabilities

  • Business continuity: Your customers' data is continuously replicated to datacenters in different geographic locations providing advanced security and reliability features
  • Easy management through ilait Partner OS: Our control panel enables you to configure mailboxes, reset passwords, and configure services. As well as managing all other services you use through ilait.
  • Pay-as-you-go: You only pay for the mailboxes you actually use which means that your customers can migrate to the cloud at the pace that is right for them

Hosted Version of Autodiscover

We provide Autodiscover the way it is supposed to be. Through Hosted Exchange all you need to configure a user profile is a username and password. A local installation on your customer's computer is not necessary, all appropriate DNS records are automatically created when you add mailboxes in ilait Partner OS.

Using the e-mail address, Autodiscover provides the following information to the client:

  • The user’s display name
  • Separate connection settings for internal and external connectivity
  • The URLs for various Outlook features that govern functionality such as free/busy information, Unified Messaging, and the offline address book
  • Outlook Anywhere server settings

When a user's Exchange information is changed, Outlook automatically reconfigures the user's profile using the Autodiscover service. For example, if a user's mailbox is moved or the client can't connect to the user's mailbox or to available Exchange features, Outlook will contact the Autodiscover service and automatically update the user's profile to include the information that's required to connect to the mailbox and Exchange features.

Always the Latest Versions of Outlook

Experience the full benefits of Microsoft Outlook 2016. It includes new features and capabilities to help you stay connected with people and better manage your time and information.

  • Expanded ribbon - In Outlook 2016, the ribbon has replaced the former menus in the main Outlook window. In addition, the ribbon can be customized to include custom tabs that you can personalize to better match your work style.
  • More room to manage your account - Many Outlook settings that are not directly related to creating or managing Outlook items, such as print commands and account management options, are now in the Microsoft Office Backstage view
  • See more of your messages - An improved conversation view is now available when you work with your messages. You can track and manage related messages, see the complete course of the conversation and easily categorize or ignore a complete conversation.
  • Process and file your messages faster - Turn commands and procedures that you use most often into one click. You can customize the default Quick Steps, and create your own buttons that combine your frequent actions
  • Reduce the noise in your Inbox - If a conversation is no longer relevant to you, you can prevent additional responses from appearing in your Inbox.
  • Work smarter and more efficiently with messages - Outlook 2016 includes MailTips, which help you avoid common, but potentially costly or embarrassing mistakes.
  • Get the calendar big picture - Meeting Suggestions now appears when you create a meeting request. Schedules for attendees are analyzed and the best time is suggested, based on everyone's availability.
  • Work with all your accounts in Outlook - Outlook 2016 supports multiple Exchange accounts within an Outlook profile as well as deleting messages in an IMAP e-mail account resembles other e-mail account types.
  • Stay on top of your tasks - The To-Do Bar has been improved based on customer requests. In Outlook 2016 there is better access to all-day appointments and events. Additional improvements include visual indicators for conflicts and unanswered meeting requests, day separators, and convenient drag and drop resizing to see more of what you want when you want it.
  • Save your information - When you save Outlook information on your computer a data file is used.
  • Stay connected - The new Outlook Social Connector (OSC) connects you to the social and business networks you use, including Microsoft SharePoint,, and other popular third-party sites.
  • Unified Messaging improvements - Voice Mail Preview provides a speech to text transcript of the message left on your voice mail.
  • Additional improvements - Zoom in or out of your mail or calendar views with the new zoom slider control at the bottom of the window.

Combine With Other Services

Hosted Exchange is easy to combine with several of our services as well as external services from other vendors and providers.

  • Exchange, Linux and Zimbra are easy to combine, customers can choose to use either Zimbra or Exchange and still receive the same emails.
  • The service enables easy transfers between different email clients if a user wants to change email client.


  • Brand Hosted Exchange with your own FQDN
  • Boost your market foot-print with your own logotype, URL, certificate, and dedicated IP address to your own OWA.
  • Branded version of Autodiscover for time saving and easy management of mailboxes, when you add customers your settings are automatically implied
  • Leave all the paperwork regarding certificates to us without any costs.
  • Buy SSL certificates signed by a trusted authority through ilait
  • If you already have certificates you may use them in our service or buy from other providers
  • We can also offer you the possibility to order signing by Thawte and/or GeoTrust, or we could sign the certificate by ilait CA free of charge