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Datasheet Hosted Storage

Hosted Storage means that data is stored in a “virtual box”. Several users can upload and download the required content through FTP and the storage space is highly scalable. To speed up the data transfer in the storage account even further, we recommend our service Content Delivery Network (CDN), which is an eligible option to the storage accounts. With CDN you get enhanced end-to-end data transfer.

This way of storing is very effective when your customers need to access information immediately. FTP is a well-tried service for uploading and downloading content and has been around for the last 40 years. It is platform independent and therefore possible to use everywhere.

The service is also possible to reach in regular web browsers with the FTP URLs.

Components and Features

Access through FTP

Hosted Storage enables easy access through FTP, File Transfer Protocol, which makes the service flexible and compatible with different OS such as Windows, Linux, Mac and UNIX.

FTP is a well-tried service for uploading and downloading content and is easy to comprehend even for less technically experienced users.

Storage for all Sorts of Content

Hosted Storage provides for whatever content you wish to store, from single files and applications to large media libraries.

Hosted Storage range from 1 GB to 7.5 TB, which means that the service is adaptable for every type of customer and business need.

When to Use Hosted Storage

Hosted Storage is useful in many ways. Common areas of use are for example:

  • Archiving: Archive files for longer or shorter periods and access them without time-consuming access trouble
  • File transfer: Transfer large files to other recipients as an alternative to email attachments
  • Collection: Collect, for instance, media files and create a media library
  • Backup: Perfect to use when you need to backup data quickly and easy to combine with third party solutions for enhanced backup

Safety and Protection of Data

To maintain high availability the data is replicated daily to at least one other geographical location, which means that the data is backed up and safe.


You choose to name the service completely to your advantage, and we're working on more possibilities to brand Hosted Backup that will benefit our partners.