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ilait - Wholesaler of cloud ready infrastructure and platform services to host and provide your cloud.

Our mission is to provide you with tools to align IT with business demands to meet and even outperform business goals.

Level Up

Twist and expand to boost your offer with best of breed cloud computing and hosting services


Concentrate on core business. Move the responsibility of non-core services without losing awareness or control and to comply with rules and laws

Speed to Market

Fast easy adoption and at a glance provisioning makes you ready for successful customer orchestration and satisfaction

Tweak & Tune

Our portfolio consist of several types of turnkey cloud services, possible to “build from the ground” or to tweak, tune and finalize your existing offer.


Adopt the services you need, and brand them if you want. Short Time to Market with easy deployment, provision and API's. Scale up and down depending on present need; pay-as-you-grow. Your IT solution will be secure and available from one or several of our environmentally friendly datacenters. Not least; you decide where your data is stored - and it stays there.

Without start up fees or binding periods; Power up your business with ilait Cloud Computing and Hosting Services – Get started as an ilait Partner today.

Infrastructure Services

Virtual Server »

The Virtual Servers (VPS) allows for complete business scalability and high capacity at a minimum cost. Your customers never have to worry about growth limits.

Dedicated Server »

The Dedicated server is the obvious choice for companies who want to be in full control of the hardware. Servers can be customized and tailored specifically to suit individual business needs and requirements.

Colocation »

Colocation makes it possible for your IT solution to reside in a secure environment at ilait’s at a glance datacenter. Available for pure colocation or hybrid environments in standard or bespoke rack solutions.
Swedish Datasheet Colocation (PDF)

Managed Hosting

ilait Managed Hosting means that we take the full agreed operational responsibility of agreed services. I.e we provide you with a fully managed and cloud ready platform (PaaS) on which your application operates. Please contact us for more information.

Hosted Storage »

Hosted Storage is the perfect solution in any situation where your customers need to exchange large amounts of data. With access through FTP and compatibility with all platforms, any problems sharing information between different operating systems are gone. Not least; you decide where your data is stored - and it stays there.

Hosted Backup »

Backup service available for server respectively client environments and solutions. With Hosted Backup all stored data is continuously replicated to at least one other compliant geographical location.

Virtual Firewall

Virtual Firewall based upon Halon brings a secure and scalable pillar to your IT solution. It works like a cloud connector and gives you the possibility to connect and protect cloud, off- and on-premise resources in a secure way to become a hybrid private cloud. By the ability to scale up and down and optional premium load balancer it supports present and future needs.

Load Balancer

Load balancing service to optimize resource use, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overload of any one of the resources in your IT environment.

Web, Domain & Network Services

Web Hosting »

Start your own web hosting without any investments at a stunningly good margin, or let us take over the technical aspects of your existing operation. No one is too big or too small. Choose between outsourcing your entire technical solutions, or certain parts.

DNS Hosting »

DNS is the fundamental keystone for Internet services; you get access to our geographically distributed DNS platforms whether the domain in question is registered through us or not. Our DNS servers are located in secure server farms spread over the world, connected to the Internet through several different Internet Service Providers.

Domain Names »

ilait is an ICANN and .SE accredited registrar and offers multiple Top Level Domains (TLD). This makes it possible for us to offer you registering and managing of practically all commonly used top level domains.

URL Redirect

Redirects domain traffic to your designated sites.

SSL Certificates

ilait is an accredited retailer of accredited SSL certificates. We offer all types and levels of SSL certificates from Symantec, GeoTrust and Thawte.

Content Delivery Network »

With our Content Delivery Network (CDN) service, you enhance the experience of your customers’ website. Since CDN distribute data on several nodes in the network, time consuming page loading is no longer an issue.

Cron Job

Job scheduler to execute different type of jobs in your IT solution at time.

Collaboration Services

Hosted Exchange »

Our Hosted Exchange service is for you who want to provide one of the most popular email services on the market. With Hosted Exchange users can share contacts and calendars with colleagues, as well as accessing their email, contacts and calendars regardless of location.

Hosted Zimbra »

Offer one of the market's leading e-mail and collaboration solutions. Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) is a complete email and collaboration platform. It collects features such as e-mail, contacts, calendar, documents, file sharing, tasks and social media all in one place.

Hosted SharePoint »

Hosted SharePoint is a platform for users to effectively share information and files both internally and externally, and to create shared workspaces, intranets and websites. It can also be used as a collaboration project management tool.

Basic Email

Email service supporting POP3, IMAP and SMTP to fulfill basic email tasks. Possible to co-exist with Hosted Exchange or Hosted Zimbra to support various needs in the organization.

Special & Add On Services


All our services includes licenses. Additionally we can also fulfill your license needs to services and solutions running at ilait’s premises. Please contact us for more information.

Branding »

We offer white-label branding of our services, which means that in the eyes of the customer, the product is entirely yours. The possibility of white-label branding will definitely boost your market footprint.

Presale Services »

Boost your technical competence in certain areas. ilait Presale Services includes everything from answering direct questions over the phone to making a full-blown case study.