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Datasheet Web Hosting

The Web Hosting service is perfect for you who wish to get a package of necessary services to run your own web hosting business. Or if you wish to use a selection of the services that are included in the Web Hosting service.

The Web Hosting Service includes:

  • Email: POP and IMAP access with RainLoop Webmail
  • Email Aliases: Redirect email to other recipients
  • Databases: MySQL and Microsoft SQL
  • Websites: Apache with PHP and IIS with classic ASP, .NET and PHP
  • Cron jobs: Time-based job scheduler in Unix-like computer operating systems
  • URL Redirect: Reirect domain names to another URL

Components and Features

Hosting Plans

Specifications Basic Standard Premium
Web Storage 10 GB 50 GB 100 GB
SQL Databases 3 databases 5 databases 10 databases
MariaDB (MySQL) Storage 1 GB per database 2 GB per database 5 GB per database
Microsoft SQL Server Storage 1 GB per database 1 GB per database 1 GB per database
Email Mailbox Storage 10 GB email mailbox storage 25 GB email mailbox storage 50 GB email mailbox storage
Traffic 5 GB traffic 25 GB traffic 100 GB traffic
Unlimited amount of cron jobs and URL redirects
Unlimited amount of web sites, email mailboxes and email aliases


  • Our hosting plans are great to combine with virtual server or dedicated server for more power
  • Globally distributed datacenters enables low latency and technical redundancy no matter where your customers are located
  • Daily backup and FTP-access to make sure your data is secured and easily accessed


Our services are white labeled, which means that you're free to price, package and present the services completely to your benefit without any of our involvement.