Servers in a cloud

What is ilait?

We are an innovative technology company that provides leading IT players the means to make cloud and hosting services better, more secure and the best fit for their customers. Founded 2007 in Gothenburg, Sweden, ilait has been breathing cloud computing since day 1. We have no legacy that hinders us in how we deliver next generation IT, and yet we have the experience to really help our partners go from zero to web scale.

Ilait's business model

Partners are our Business Model

Our cloud operations wholesale model means no contact with end customers or consumers—we work with partners only. Partners use our vast portfolio of services to build solutions and offerings for their customers. This enables us to focus on technology and to be the best provider there is for IT companies, service providers, telcos, and consultancy firms amongst others.

Server locations around the world

Global Infrastructure

We deliver services from 7 datacenters located in Sweden, Germany and the United States. All operations are 100% controlled by ilait personnel, and we guarantee that you know where your and your customers' data is located at any given time. We have made it easy for you to be in charge. Build a real hybrid IT solution combining cloud, colocation and on-prem. We provide you the building blocks for a secure and scalable IT offering.

Panel displaying charts

Control Panels and API

All our services are managed through a state-of-the-art control panel. Customers, domains and services are set up in real-time without delays. Integrate and automate domain management, service deployments, billing and much more with your own provisioning and ERP systems using our complementary API. End customers can of course be delegated access to administer their services in a partner-branded control panel.