Job Culture

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Every ilaitian is more than truly innovative. We always try to find the best pieces available out there to build upon when we launch new projects, but we're never afraid of getting our hands dirty and invent on our own whatever we need to take IT operations to the next level.

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Keeping datacenters, servers and services available at all time requires people who really walk that extra mile and know that it's always too early to give up. At ilait we're proud to be nerds that can't get enough of cool technology, and we practice that 24/7.

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At ilait every person's opinion counts and decisions are often taken following wild deep-dives and discussions about both business and technical aspects. We strive to make everyone involved and have one big team rather than building isolated silos where teams compete.

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The most important thing being an ilaitian is to challenge yourself every day and to avoid getting stuck in old habits. It may sound bold but if you can make yourself expendable by automating and streamlining day-to-day operations then you're doing it right. More time for you to learn new things!