Image - a server with VMware supporting six virtual servers.

Virtual Servers

Instant deployment of servers for your customers' needs today and tomorrow at predictable costs and performance—nothing like the public clouds.

Image - a server with VMware supporting six virtual disks.

Virtual Storage

Storage that scales in both size and performance with manual/scheduled snapshots as well as off-site backups at predictable costs and optimal performance.

Image - four virtual servers connected to each other via a virtual network.

Virtual Networks

Build isolated networks that contain virtual servers, dedicated servers, colocated equipment and even on-prem systems.

Image - a dedicated server housed on a rack with other servers.

Dedicated Server

Take advantage of the raw computing power, no risk of noisy neighbours. Scale out to long term servers where you are in control of price and performance.

Image - a private rack full of servers housed between other server racks.


Available from single racks to state-of-the-art private suites in Tier 3 or 4, depending on requirements/budget, with remote hands and sensitive data life cycle management.

Image - server racks surrounded by a virtual firewall engulfed in flames.


Keep virtual, dedicated and colocation servers and networks safe with an intuitive dashboard and web interface where you can manage firewall rules, VPN tunnels and much more.

Image - an networked globe on top of a server floating in clouds.

Web Hosting

Deploy web sites on our shared or dedicated Apache/IIS platforms instantaneously with URL redirection and cron jobs included free of charge.

Image - an envelope on top of a server floating in clouds.

Email Hosting

Regular mailboxes with POP/IMAP/webmail access and unlimited e-mail aliases. Auto-reply, anti-virus and anti-spam are included.

Image - a cube of data on top of a server floating in clouds.

Database Hosting

Deploy relational databases on our shared or dedicated MySQL/Microsoft SQL platforms with daily backup and direct external access.

Image - two gears on top of a server floating in clouds.

Managed Hosting

Let us take the lead on service monitoring and keeping your servers available 24/7 according to well-defined and bespoke procedures and routines.

Image - three stacked disks with a download icon on top of a server floating in clouds.

Hosted Storage

Turnkey storage services for all scenarios, ranging from simple FTP access to NFS mounted volumes attached to your infrastructure components.

Image - three stacked disks with a backup icon on top of a server floating in clouds.

Hosted Backup

Secure your customers' data using leading vendors, powered by ilait, ranging from Ahsay for the SMBs to Veeam Cloud Connect for the mid sized and enterprises.

Image - an evelope with a Zimbra logo on top of a server floating in clouds.

Hosted Zimbra

The world's leading open source collaboration solution powered by ilait that can be combined with our other e-mail services.

Image - an evelope with an Exchange logo on top of a server floating in clouds.

Hosted Exchange

Enterprise-grade business e-mail from Microsoft, far away from the public cloud. It's scalable, flexible and can be combined with other e-mail services.

Image - a file cabinet full of records floating in clouds.

DNS Hosting

A fully redundant and globally distributed DNS platform that is a complementary service provided to all partners regardless of where the domain services reside.

Image - a basket holding signs displaying domin names: .se, .eu, .com, and .net.

Domain Names

ilait is an ICANN Accredited Registrar. You can manage a vast range of both gTLDs (e.g., .com, .net, .org) and ccTLDs (e.g., .se, .nu) directly from our control panel.

Image - an open certificate with a seal.

SSL Certificates

Ensure that all traffic to and from your customers' websites, remote desktops, backup endpoints and more are secured. Several Certificate Authorities are available.