Into the Depths of ilait Services

Let us make a quick introduction to our concept and explain to you how you as a reseller can benefit from our services.

Learn more about becoming an ilait Reseller and apply today. We're looking forward working with you!

Partner Concept

Are you ready to level up and concentrate on what you do best and align with business demands?

We are an innovative team who develop, aggregate and offer cutting edge turnkey cloud computing and hosting services that supports you in winning business.

We like infrastructure, platforms and software. We love the nitty gritty beneath the user interface; what provides it – and we’re good at it! We do like the consumer but we seriously think you already do this at a glance. You know your service and how to benefit of it. You know your customer.

Our Portfolio Becomes Your Portfolio

Therefore we collaborate with partners who use our services as a platform, as a part in one of your other services or simply provided as an add-on to your core offer. You brand them if you want, you own the margin and package them to suit your portfolio. We support you in how you can offer them, in building cases and pitches to ease and boost sales.

Power Through Partnership

We have not only mitigated the risks in cloud computing, we’ve pretty much erased them. There’s no lock-in effects like binding or cancellation periods and start-up fees. We use a pay-as-you-go model which mean you can scale up and down to meet present need. We assume you like our services and willingly stays with us; a win-win and successful lock-in. We like that. We believe in the saying power through partnership.

Let us support you to fully focus on what you do best.

ilait Partner Concept in details

No Commitments, No Investments, No Risks

There are no risks or sales commitments involved to become a partner to us since we don’t deal with any lock-in effects, binding periods, cancellation periods or initial charges. You decide how and when you want to provide our services.

You only pay for the services you add in the control panel on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means you can scale resources up and down depending on your customers' needs.

You Own the Customer and the Services

We provide services and support solely to partners. You are free to package and price our services as you wish and you own the relationship with your customer in all aspects. Our pricelist will be available once you've signed up. And of course; by signing up you're not obliged to any costs or to order anything. Prices are truly not a secret but since you as a partner is free to package and price the service it might confuse the viewer. Please contact us if any questions or if you need an price indication.

Easy to Manage Customers and Services

In the control panel, ilait Partner OS, you administer everything that concerns services and customers. You also find relevant articles and information regarding our services as well as our support system. Everything you need to successfully manage your business with us exists in ilait Partner OS.

Cutting Edge Support

It is in our greatest interest that our partners are confident in selling our services. Therefore we're eager to give the best support to our partners in a safe and convenient way.

All support related matters are managed through Support Tickets in ilait Partner OS, where you get support from our qualified support team, specialized in your support category.

Free Emergency Response Team on call 24/7 for pressing support matters.