Into the Depths of ilait Services

Let us make a quick introduction to our concept and explain to you how you as a reseller can benefit from our services.

Learn more about becoming an ilait Reseller and apply today. We're looking forward working with you!


We offer white-label branding of our services, which means that in the eyes of the customer, the product is entirely yours. The possibility of white-label branding will definitely boost your market footprint.

Three Levels

To make it easy for you to start with branding, we offer three levels, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Silver is the entry level, and you can upgrade to Gold or Platinum at any time.

Win-Win Situation

With cutting-edge technology services it’s easy for you to enhance your company's position on the market. The white-label branding allows us to concentrate on what we do best, supporting you as a partner with great services and prices.

The possibility to cross sell more services under your own brand, without having to worry about the technology, is a win-win situation for everyone.

Brand and sell market leading cloud services. Expand your portfolio no matter underlying technology. You own the customer, we never have any contact with the end customer.