Into the Depths of ilait Services

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Virtual Server

At a fraction of the price for a dedicated server, you can offer virtual servers (VPS) to your customers. By sharing the hardware of one server with others, they will lower their costs. The virtual server is completely elastic and easy to scale up and down depending on the demand of cores and storage. It’s easy to complement the service with extra hosting or services such as VLANs or load balancing.

As our partner you rent licenses on a monthly basis for virtual servers and you're able to scale the number of licenses you actually use.

No Cancellation Period

The virtual server comes without initial charge or cancellation period, which means it’s easier to sell and to generate higher revenues.

Operating System of Your Choice

All virtual servers come with the operating system of your choice readily installed. A wide range of up to date licenses such as Microsoft, Citrix, Red Hat and other leading vendors can be leased at very competitive prices.

Brand and sell market leading cloud services. Expand your portfolio no matter underlying technology. You own the customer, we never have any contact with the end customer.